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Player Development Model

Our member training and hitting programming is built from our Director of Player Development’s D1 coaching and MLB consulting background. Softball and baseball members will receive the same level of instruction as SEC conference teams and professional baseball organizations.


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Programs Driven By Data


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Advanced Technology



Softball Hack Attack


Video Analysis


The Lab BCS hitting facility cage view

Player Development Memberships

Training With Purpose


Proven results for hitters with drills focused on specific swing checkpoints

Live Reps

Technology that challenges hitters with velocity and randomized pitches


Increase power through functional strength training translating in faster swing speeds

Maximize The Results Of Training

Invest Your Time Wisely

Sport Performance Programs

Competition Creates Champions

Strength & Conditioning

We offer middle school, high school, and collegiate athlete training programs geared toward building a solid athletic foundation while still keeping a focus on an athlete’s individual sports goals. 

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